Friday, May 4, 2012

Reflected In The Trees

Not too long ago I went on a walk with my soon to be thirteen year old daughter daughter.  It was a picture-taking hike masquerading as a chance for she and I to hang out together without being in a hurry to get to a game or get some homework done or otherwise rush around.  It was nice.  We walked and she talked.  I mostly listened.

And even though I photograph this particular location alot, we found a perspective I haven't shot before.  All it took was walking along and turning around and looking back.  I've used that trick before - find a cool view, take some photos, then turn around 180 degrees and see what's behind you.  Many times you'll find something worth trying to photograph.  Or there's the other secret of getting decent photographs - move.  Seriously, if you walk around, don't take the first, easy shot or maybe even get entirely on the other side of your subject it often works to your advantage.

Anyway, I had a nice walk and talk with my daughter on a nice warm April evening in Ohio and came back with what I think is a good photograph.  Hope you like it too.

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