Thursday, May 17, 2012

Peaceful Morning Pier

Occasionally I get to spend some time working in southern California.  The time zone difference makes it very easy to be up and ready to go well before sunrise.  I've mentioned before how the east-west run of the coast on hit portion of the California coastline is confusing to me.  When you're looking at the water you're generally looking south, not west.  And that throws me off.  I have this handy app on my phone that shows me the position of the Sun, even before sunrise.  So I use that to line things up ahead of time.

This pier is actually a wharf.  It's called Stearns Wharf and is just south (I think) of downtown Santa Barbara.  The picturesque Marina is to the left of the camera in this photo if you know the area.  I just walk down from the hotel.  It's pretty long and has a number of shops and restaurants out toward the end.  I've not been here later in the day or on the weekends so maybe it gets busy but early in the mornings there's only a few other people out and it's obviously pretty.  Not a bad way to start the day.

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