Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lower In Lower Antelope Canyon

Every so often I shoot a picture that kinda of confuses me.  Not in a bad way but there's something in those photos that makes me continue to look at it.  I like looking at photos but I don't spend alot of time pondering what I like or don't like about it - I see it, figure it out pretty quickly if it's cool or not and that's about it.  I can certainly slow down and identify elements of composition or light or whatever that make something good (in my view) but I like being instinctive and relatively quick, particularly with my own stuff.  There are a number of really, really good photographers who's work I look at closely and try to imagine why they did the things they did.  Or in the case of many of them how they did what they either in camera or in post processing.

Here's one of those shots for me - I seem to keep finding new and interesting things to look at in the texture and color of the sandstone.  It's Antelope Canyon again, this time further into the canyon.  I show this to people in person and you can see their expression is something like 'cool, neat colors, but what is it?'.  I know you're supposed to give the viewer something to hang on to visually, something they can relate to and they let their eye go moving around the image but sometimes the opposite can be interesting too.  We'll see what you think.

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