Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Locked Door to Abandoned Room

I like happy photographs.  Or said better I like photographs that create good feelings - a cute kid, a good looking landscape, a new way of looking at something we've all seen before, etc.  Journalistic photos that capture hardship or suffering, like the ones you see in the front pages of Newsweek or Time sometimes bother me.  They stick with me and I can't get rid of those bad feelings.  I like rainbows and butterflies.

As such I don't shoot and share much from the so-called urban decay category of photography.  Nothing wrong with it, just not really something I'm drawn to.  That isn't to say colors and textures in these sorts of photos can't be very cool to look at.  Which of course is what I'm leading up to - a cool photograph of a broken down door leading to a broken down room.  This is an old administrative office in the former Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  We had a pretty good time exploring and learning about the place a couple of summers ago and ironically some of the photos I shot there are my most popular in terms of print sales.  But some parts of this building were definitely not happy places.

I wonder who has the key to the lock that's on the door.  Or who last worked a full day in this room and what their story is or was.

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