Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Killing Time Between Games

If you have a habit of always keeping a camera with you, it opens up all sorts of opportunities to shoot photos you'd otherwise miss.  Duh, right?  You obviously need a camera to shoot photos.  But it's creating the habit of keeping a camera with you and more or less at the ready that's key.  How many times have you said, 'I wish I had a camera to capture that'?  I say that to myself quite a lot.  Even though I almost always have a camera of some sort with me there are plenty of times where I literally stumble into something worth shooting and sharing with others.

Here's an example shot between halves at a lacrosse game a week or so ago.  The stick and ball belong the daughter of friends of ours who was sitting on the sideline watching the game.  The composition, late afternoon lighting and contrast of the yellow head and ball with the green grass and white line were an afterthought.  It just worked and seemed natural without any real planning or setup, it was just there asking to be photographed.  The stick was literally laying there in front of me on the ground.  I think I asked our friends' daughter to move it a foot or so on top of the white line.  That was it.  

And of course this would have been one of those 'that would be a cool photo if I had my camera' moments.  But, guess what?  I had a camera.  Ha!

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