Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dexter The Wonder Dog

In my last post I was thinking out loud about water drops on the lens and whether they're good or not.  That doesn't seem as interesting now because as I was digging around photos from that hike to Hanging Lake I found this.  It's Dexter.

He rode to the top of the hike (1.5 miles, 1000 ft vertical) in his owner's backpack.  I think he mostly fit in my hand.  For being so small he's cool.  Not cute, cool.  He had a fantastic little personality and seemed to love people.  Anyway, Dexter got down to stretch his legs on the shore of the lake and got in trouble.  Not long after I shot this he fell in the water beside the log.  What you can't see is the water is moving.  And I'm standing on a boardwalk of sorts that stretches over the lake and over the top edge of a waterfall.  The waterfall isn't big but good old Dexter was in the water headed toward it pretty fast before we snatched him out.  As you can imagine the water is mountain-cold, not freezing but probably 45 degrees at best.  Dexter came out of that water looking even smaller and really cold.  It probably took him the entire hike back down in the back pack to get warm again.

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