Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Defend It or Attack It?

We were one of the last groups to leave lacrosse practice the other night.  All three kids play, but in this case practice was ending for my youngest, a third grader.  Another line of storms was forming off to the south and west and as practice was winding down it was hard not to notice the sky and the competition between storm-leading gray clouds and what otherwise would have been a very nice sunset.  I always pay attention to the sky - looking for some interesting photo background, trying to predict whether the sunrise or sunset was going to be worth shooting, or just watching the weather.  I love watching weather systems move in.

I once spent some time with a fellow who said he didn't understand what the big deal was about sunrises and sunsets.  Something about them happening once a day, every day.  And that somehow makes them less interesting.  That comment still sticks with me, nearly a decade later.  And I still don't understand it.

So the question I have when I look at this photo is, when you see the net, the puddle, the clouds and everything else, do you attack the goal or do you turn around and defend it?

Storm's a brewin at the end of lax practice...

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