Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh

What do you do while waiting?  You know the times when the kids are getting a drink or making a bathroom stop or you're waiting for the rest of your group to catch up and have a few minutes to kill in an interesting place.  I take photos when I can.  Those short-lived moments when I know I'm going to be in an area for a while and have nothing else going on occasionally produces something really cool.

This photo is a large stairwell or staircase at either the Carnegie Museum of Art or Natural History.  I can't recall.  I do remember it's in a transition area maybe from one museum to another or one major section to another.  Either way, I was waiting one someone and had a few moments to compose and shoot handheld.  There was so much great light in there I could get away with hand holding three exposures.  Funny, I remember thinking about and shooting the photo but not exactly where it is.

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