Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Baseball Game Way Over There

The weather has been really great for photography the last few days.  The afternoon and early evening skies are full of clouds but it's the sort that let the sun shine through here and there creating all sorts of cool effects.  So when running around town getting the kids from here to there I've been keeping the camera and tripod handy.  Recently I was waiting for both boys to finish at lacrosse practice and had a few minutes to shoot this.  If you look closely you'll see a baseball game in progress.  I couldn't make out exactly who was playing but since the wind was blowing toward me, cheering and other voices was carried well enough that I could make out some names.  Based on the names I heard I realized I knew which team it was, a Hudson based club called The Kings. One of the parents confirmed it the team later that evening.

Anyway I shot this a few hundred yards away, way out beyond the outfield looking in toward home plate, maybe on the same line as the shortstop would be standing looking in toward the plate.  This is cropped pretty hard to feature the field and the players a bit more and the sky a bit less, otherwise you'd have no idea there was a field full of kids unless you looked really closely.  The parents sitting in chairs on the lower left along the first base line actually appear better than the kids on the field.

Almost-Summer Baseball Skies over Hudson

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