Friday, April 13, 2012

Zion National Park Oasis

After spending a number of days in the desert of northern Arizona we stopped at Zion National Park in Utah.  As you can imagine the landscape between places like the Grand Canyon, Page, Arizona and much of southern Utah is beautiful, but dry and desert-like.  So after a long drive we make our way to this lodge inside the park and find this awesome patch of cool, green grass.  Right in front of the lodge is a huge cottonwood tree and surrounding that tree is an acre or so of grass.  After days of 100+ temps and lots of sand this was luxury.

I have to admit I can't remember if this photo is a nearby cottonwood or the large one I just described.  You'd think I would remember.  Regardless, it's a photo that brings back alot of good memories for me.

Cottonwood, Zion National Park

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