Monday, April 30, 2012

A Whale of a Shark!

I missed a day!  Not sure if this is my first miss of a daily photo or not but this is the first one I've actually noticed and knew about ahead of time.  Shame on me.  :-)  Actually it's not that big of a deal in the scheme of things.  The primary purpose of doing this blog is to help me share some of the non-sports photographs and get some feedback from people on what's interesting to them and what isn't.  I mostly shoot and share things I think are interesting but I've got plans to ramp up active sales and marketing of many of these images either through gallery exhibits, online or directly at art shows and organized events.  So this blog is a quick and relatively easy way for me to get some things I like online and out there for people to tell me they like it or they'd rather see something else.

That sure is a long intro to a picture of some really big fish.  Today's photo isn't the kind of thing you'd print, frame and hang on your wall but it is darn cool, not entirely easy to do unless you think about how you're going to take the picture and an amazing place to visit.  This is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.  If you've been there you recognized it right away.  If you've not been there before you need to go, particularly if you are a aquarium geek like me.  The central feature here is this larger-than-can-be-imagined central tank that contains thousands of fish including up to six whale sharks.  There's plenty of viewing space all around the tank and there are so many different species in it that you get overwhelmed by all sorts of big and small stuff swimming by.

Whale Sharks and Friends at Georgia Aquarium

Whale shark with some natural lighting thrown in

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