Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trail At Hudson Springs Park

If there is one location that I've photographed more than anywhere else, it's Hudson Springs Park.  It's a city-managed park in Hudson Ohio with a nice lake, walking path through the trees and stuff like that.  The lake runs east-west so it's setup nicely for photos of sunrises and sunsets.  And it's less than ten minutes from my home.  So I sneak out quite often to get shots like this one.
I struggled a bit with the walking path in this photo - leave it in the shot or not.  I'd prefer a more natural looking ground and not a man-made path but it still all works for me the way the path curves away a bit.  Even though I did actively work at framing this one on at least three sides, I admit I didn't notice the little bits of sun reflecting off the leaves on the overhead branch until later.  A nice little surprise.

Hudson Springs Park, Hudson Ohio

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