Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sun Dock

There is a decent sized lake and park on the east side of the town I live in.  Since it's so close I get out there regularly and get a chance to shoot in a variety of different conditions.  This is probably the place where I experiment the most with different approaches and different ways of seeing the same scene in changing conditions and light levels.  I prefer shooting early and late in the day just like everyone else because the lighting is so good and generally the skies are more interesting.

One of the first things I look for after finding an interesting scene and composition is a good sky.  We all love a nice blue sky but an empty blue sky isn't too interesting.  In fact, if the sky is pure blue and empty, I will often compose for as little sky as possible.  Ironically, sometimes the onset of bad weather (meaning clouds and stuff in the sky) means the best photography.

This photograph has an interesting sky, I think.  And the combination of the blue and purple of the early morning water and trees combined with the bright orange of an early sunrise just worked for me.  Then double it all in the reflection from the still lake and this became one of my early favorites.

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