Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainbow Down East in Maine

The coast of Maine runs east and west, not north and south as you'd generally expect the shoreline of the Eastern United States to be arranged.  It's a little confusing at times when you instinctively expect the water to be east of you but it's actually south of you.  We spent a week on the coast near a small town called Cutler, which featured a beautiful rocky harbor home to a small fleet of lobster boats.  I think the nearest 'large' town was Machias.
Anyway, this particular day started wrapped in the thickest fog I'd ever seen.  You literally had to be careful choosing your steps when you walked or hiked outside.  It was that thick.  As the day warmed the fog lifted and was pushed away by a set of rain and thunderstorms moving down the coast and eventually offshore.  Right behind the storms was a patch of blue sky that allowed the sun to peak through just enough to hit the back side of these rain showers and create this cool rainbow.  If you stare at the photo long enough you'll see a second, outer rainbow.

Cutler, Maine

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