Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hudson Springs Sun Between The Clouds

I've mentioned before this is one of my most frequent photography sites.  For whatever reason it's easier for me to get out there in the morning and get the run rising.  I guess scheduling is such that I'm a bit more on my own in the mornings than afternoon and evenings.  I'm sure just about everyone reading this post understands that phenomena.

This is Hudson Springs Park on a cold early April morning.  I almost didn't make it out because the skies were overcast and dreary.  But as anyone who shoots outdoors alot will tell you it's usually worth trying, you'll find something interesting, and occasionally there are breaks in the sky that let the sun peek through that is worth capturing.  That's mostly what happened here - there was a break in the clouds for a bit so I was able to capture to the sun coming up just underneath the leading edge of the break.  Otherwise it's still a relatively dark and gray day.  And yes, those are cloud reflections in the water.  As much as the clouds seemed to be moving overhead there was little or no wind when I shot the photo.  30 minutes after this photo and the lake was rippled and the sun was hidden behind new clouds.  Timing and luck helped me this time.

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