Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Four Corners Big Sky

Driving through the desert on the way to Four Corners (where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico come together) we got stopped by road construction.  It was kind of cool sitting there in the middle of the desert with not much around us other than mesas and this really amazing looking sky.  I'll leave out the other cars and large construction equipment.  There may have been a dozen cars stopped max so it really wasn't so bad.
Anyway, this is a handheld shot from just outside the car looking toward the desert in the distance.  The sun is relatively low and mostly behind me.  I had no idea just how cool this shot would come out after some contrast work to bring out those cirrus clouds.
Four Corners itself was interesting for a few minutes but otherwise unremarkable.  The drive in and out was the cool part.

Sky To Four Corners

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