Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Farm Fresh Morning

Early one morning I got up before anyone else and wandered around the farm fields near Grafton, Illinois.  I really like it here.  I walked down a tar and gravel road looking for interesting things to shoot.  Even the cows nearby realized I was a stranger and let me know I was interfering in whatever their normal routine was.  I walked into the field to get closer to the rolls of hay.  In a place where people won't recognize you that's now always the smartest thing to do but I figured this early it was probably ok.  I'm sure the farmer-owner of this field was sitting somewhere watching me and laughing at the guy taking pictures of his hay.

This photo is another combined photo with some contrast adjustments to make the sky pop a bit.  I sort of let the color go and do whatever it wanted, particularly in the grass.  Depending on the day I sometimes feel like I need to bring down the yellow a bit.  It's amazing how much yellow exists in green grass.  There's even some happy little mist in the distance along the trees at the far side of the field.

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