Saturday, April 21, 2012

Calypso In Colorado

Less than an half an hour from both Longmont and Boulder, Colorado is a series of falls called Calypso Cascades.  It's a three or four mile hike one way to get to the so-called Cascades, I think, but it seemed like the entire hike was along a continuous waterfall or set of cascades.  It was mid July so the spring melt from the higher elevations combined with recent rains and storms combined to create one really long stretch of roaring water.

There was so much water in places that shooting an interesting picture was actually kinda hard.  In my mind best waterfall or water-running-over-something photos show a series of cool drops or bounces across rocks and trees as the water flows through the picture.  Where there's alot of water it just blows over the top of things and doesn't look as nice as it may with less water.

Anyway, I found a smaller run of water covered by a number of huge fallen logs.  I was shooting a wide angle lens (10-22 canon) which certainly distorts some of closer elements like the log running into the bottom left corner but it resulted in what I think is a nice, cool, green scene.  The horizontal fallen trees and vertical standing trees create all sorts of lines that make my eyes move from one part of the image to another.  Maybe the photo composition guys would think it's not right but I like it.  And, there's even a little bit of water in  this image that makes such a hard right turn I thought it was starting to flow uphill.  Of course I didn't find that until long after I took the photo.

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