Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brecksville Reservation One Fine Spring Day

The Cleveland area is well known for its collection of parks and natural areas.  This is the so-called Emerald Necklace which thanks to a quick check of Wikipedia I now know covers over twenty-one thousand acres including the Cleveland Zoo and a number of golf courses as well as nature trails, horse trails and other outdoorsy stuff.  Some of the parks are immediately adjacent to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, creating what feels to me like one large park  The photo today is from just such a park called the Brecksville Reservation.

I shot this image on one of those days where the air is cool, almost cold, but the sun is bright and warm and if you stand still long enough or get out of the wind you can feel its warmth on your back and it just makes you feel good.  The clouds were big and puffy and sky was bright blue.  It was a great day to wade into Chippewa Creek and start taking pictures.  The warm sun couldn't quite keep up with the 40 degree water but it was worth the effort and the funny looks I got from passers-by.

Oh, and that little branch with green leaves in the bottom right of the image - pure coincidence.  I'm not above making some minor improvements to photos like moving a branch here or there or something like that but you'll have to believe me that I didn't drop the branch in the water.  It was happily drifting toward me when I took the photo.

Chippewa Creek, Brecksville Reservation

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