Monday, April 23, 2012

Big and Tall in Bryce Canyon

I was reading a photography marketing book recently which made a great point - not every space fits a standard rectangular photo.  Sometimes spaces are very wide but not very tall or very tall but not very wide.  Everyone has some spot in their place where conventional art or framed photos just don't fit.  Well, I have some horizontal panorama shots that would fit the wide but short space but I realized I have little or nothing that fits the tall and skinny format. Until now.  As I was thinking through my inventory of photos I realized the best way to fill up a long vertical space is something long and, uh, vertical.  Something like an overlook of a deep valley or canyon.  Well here you go.  This photo is a vertical pano of Bryce Canyon in Utah.  There's plenty of vertical.  In fact this photo doesn't even go all the way to the canyon floor, there's still a ways to go down in case we have more room on that imaginary wall where other photographs won't fit.

It may not be obvious in this photo because the storm is well out of the frame but behind me are storm clouds.  There was a tense feel to this place for an hour or so as we all watched the storm and tried to guess where it was headed.  It wasn't overly dangerous but being on an exposed ridge with nowhere to go but down during a thunderstorm didn't sound like a good way to start a hike.  As it turned out the storm lingered for a bit but eventually broke apart and the heat of a July sun in southern Utah soon returned.

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